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Monday, October 19, 2009

Bag It

Hi girls!

We are back after a hiatus...back with BAGS!

tqsb0067 – Pre-loved - Sold to Lili
Specification: MNG Black Suede Bag - 100% cow leather
Price : RM 48.00

tqsb0068 – Pre-loved - Sold to Annie
Specification: Guess Denim Bag With Embroidery - trimed with faux leather
Price : RM 59.00

tqsb0069 – Pre-loved
Specification: Naf Naf Floral Bag with Embellishments
Price : RM 35.00

tqsb0070 – Pre-loved
Specification: MNG Faux Leather Bag - 100% PVC
Price : RM 48.00