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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Roll Your Own Sushi

...means have fun learning how to cook!

tqsb0039 – Sushi (Publication – 1970)
Author: Mia Detrick
Condition: Second-hand
Price : RM 25.00

tqsb0040 – Japanese Cooking: Pure & Simple
(Publication – 1986) (Hard cover)
Consultant: David Scott
Condition: Second-hand. Other than the faint water mark
on the first few pages, book is in good condition
Price : RM 30.00

tqsb0041 – Japanese Cooking Class Cookbook
(Publication – 1984)

Author: Kiyoko Konishi
Condition: Second-hand
Price : RM 10.00

tqsb0042 – Chopstix: Quick Cooking with Pacific Flavours
(Publication – 1990) (Hard cover)
Authors: Hugh Carpenter and Teri Sandison
Condition: Second-hand. In tip-top condition
Price : RM 42.00

tqsb0043 – The Encyclopedia Of Asian Cooking
(Publication – 1984) (Hard cover)
Editor: Jeni Wright
Condition: Second-hand
Price : RM 42.00

tqsb0044 – International Dining With Spice Islands
(Publication – 1970)

Author: Rowena McLean Marks
Condition: Second-hand, seasoned
Price : RM 12.00

tqsb0031 – The Cooking Of Peking Shantung Anwhei (Hard cover)
Editor: Carol Jacobson
Condition: Second-hand
Price : RM 15.00

tqsb0046 – Exotic Cookery (Publication – 1981)
Editors: Norma MacMillan and Wendy James
Condition: Second-hand. Not for fussy buyers
Price : RM 8.00